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16 library opened, you made it? Who's at the door?
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The city library wine wine chain organization, founded in 2014 in Shanxi city of Taiyuan Province, is a world famous Wine, selection of beer, liquor, wine, beverages, cigarettes, wine, beverage franchise chain of convenience stores; a one-time purchase of 99 yuan, you can enjoy 19 minutes of the free service to send wine. It has opened 12 directly operated stores, of which 4 medium-sized stores, 7 flagship stores, community stores 1, currently under construction and 3 stores, covering an area of Taiyuan City, the line has already attracted 100 thousand loyal members, this year, the city is expected to open wine library stores will reach 25, Taiyuan City basically completed the overall layout, sales target to 300 million sprint.

In today's increasingly diverse business environment and the consumption of liquor under the environment of dragons and fishes jumbled together, had been in the wine production and marketing chain in the subordination of the circulation industry, gradually rise as much attention and rely on the star group. So, the city is how the wine library in the fierce competition in the wine market to stand out?

City liquor store behind the power from Shanxi Jing and Trading Co., ltd.. Shanxi Jinghe Trading Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, is the sole agent in Shanxi Province hundred mountain mineral water, a variety of world-renowned wine and other products, sales network covers 11 cities in Shanxi Province, the retail terminal about 200000. Under the "343 water facilities" bottled water chain, covering more than 800 stores, serving nearly 100 thousand households, Taiyuan institutions leading enterprises barrels of water. The city's wine library is to build a new wine chain brand, just two years has been in the Taiyuan wine market in the emerging, it is on the West King Trading Co., and backing a solid strength and strong channels, believe that in the near future, the city will be full of wine for their own use, to create a commercial myth.

In a strong foundation, unified brand, service system, efficient management and new concept, the city liquor bank always adhere to the steady, the first Lianhaoneigong repair work can go further, to a more mature attitude to enter the national market.

The overview of the current wine market, more and more strong sales network on the Internet Exhibition fist, city wine library for O2O popular network marketing mode, in addition to the establishment of foreign direct store, to build more in various network channels. The way to support the consumption of physical stores, telephone ordering, the official website, micro mall, takeaway platform, the desire to achieve a complete multi scene. At the same time to promote the platform of cooperation mode, cooperation Baidu takeaway, U.S., 114 for wine merchants and banks are more than 80, a large network platform with Taobao, Jingdong and other preparatory work; at the same time, the city has an excellent wine library complete supply chain, upstream s from all over the world supply giant, downstream in Shanxi province the development of B2B marketing mode of origin, specifically for restaurants, bars, supermarkets, circulation, the two batch of large customers direct delivery service, drinks wholesale.

From the store design, to the brand promotion, the city wine library has always maintained a high profile and high quality and perfect service concept, behind this is a team from the country's elite carefully built. This young team is mainly to 80, who carries the dream, full of passion, the oath and is still in the pioneering period city wine library together.

At present, the city of wine library to all direct mode, the intention to join the more than and 200 customers, more than and 300 customers outside the intention to join. The next year, the city will build a hundred wine library store chain d on the new model, now has customers in Shanxi Province, the core core network, wine industry, the core concept of sustainable management of customer focus to expand sales to join with the B2B city wine library. 2017, the city will be open to the province's wine library to join the model, determined to be the city's wine library banner across the whole of Shanxi Province, with the most proud of the results started to enter the country's first gun chain gun!

As all changes, all the great things and the development of the existence of all the great resistance and opportunity, only the brave can be prepared, the future. Look forward to, the city wine library this wine chain of Nova, radiant.

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