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Address:Wan Bailin area xinghualing 

                district,taiyuan city, Shanxi

                Province,wanda centre,

               175 liberation of north

                road,21 floors

Email:[email protected]
Post code:030009
Service hotline:0351-3430000
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Global Sourcing

The global sourcing activity of Wine Library of City set up an integrated platform focusing on international business. The imported products include wine, liquor, beer, beverage and foods, etc. The platform focus on self-support direct sourcing, and is based at Shanghai. The company has built up intensive cooperation relationship with hundreds of top suppliers from USA, Germany, France and Spain regarding hundreds of first tiers brands, to ensure the authentic products of low price and fine quality.


After more than two year’s marketing efforts, at Sep 8th, 2016, at the opening ceremony of Shanxi young’s growth enterprise market, Wine Library of City was officially listed with the code 040021Q. The company also signed the strategy cooperation agreement with Jiuxianwang e-commerce co., ltd, and the assessed value of the company is 150 million RMB. The strategy cooperation will be multi-dimensional including capital, technology, and product, and the further collaboration is in consultation. Some Venture investment companies are also in the discussion with Wine Library of City.


During the past 2 years, Wine Library of City improved consistently its products supply chain, perfected the fore-and-aft system, accelerated the talent introduction, and reduced the cost of the decoration of retail shop. Finally, a perfect Wine Library of City system will be built up, for the people who will work together to create future.

The franchise business of chain shop which more than 400 entrepreneurs have been waiting for will formally launched in 2017. The estimated number of franchise stores will arrive at 100 by the end of 2017.

Business hours: Winter 09:00-21:00 Summer 09:00-21:30  Warm service
Address : 21st floor Wanda Center,No.175 North
               Jiefang Rd,Dist Xinghualing,Taiyuan
               city,Shanxi province,China
Email : [email protected]
Post code : 030009
Fax : 0351-6659144
Service Hotline : 0351-3430000
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