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About us

Address:Wan Bailin area xinghualing 

                district,taiyuan city, Shanxi

                Province,wanda centre,

               175 liberation of north

                road,21 floors

Email:[email protected]
Post code:030009
Service hotline:0351-3430000
Company Overview

Wine Library of City E-commerce Co., Ltd, established at 2005, the former Shanxi Jinghe Trading co.,ltd which is the exclusive agent of Ganten mineral water and several globally famous wines in Shanxi province. The products are sold through its owns branch sale office in 11 cities of Shanxi province, 108 distributors at city and county level, 1000 whole sellers, over 200 thousand retail stores. After the construction of distribution channel through the past 10 years, the company became one of the leading distributor of FMCG in Shanxi province.

In 2013, Jinghe Trading’s 343 Water Convenience tank water branch company was established. It is the first chain institution of tank water who own customer center and after-sale service in Shanxi province. At same time, the brand “Jingyi” and “8 water” were created. Now, the company has 16 direct sale stores, cooperate with over 200 whole sale network branch of 2nd level, and the customers number near 100 thousand.

In order to seek larger development space, Wine Library of City e-commerce co., ltd was established. It is a chain convenience institution specialized in direct sale in chain store, internet sale, telemarketing, etc. of alcohol drink and water product. The company provides free delivery service throughout the entire city for each order over 99 RMB in 19 minutes, and unconditional return or change in 7 days. The customers can buy our products by 5 ways. We try to provide complete and convenient service. Now, in Taiyuan city we have 20 direct sale retail stores, over 150 thousand members which increase 20-30 thousand per month and is expected to be 200 thousand by the end of year 2016.

Wine Library of City is the first formal O2O e-commerce platform of wine and beverage products. The platform provides both online and offline way of drawing traffic, and integrates the online transaction through website, Wechat mall, telephone ordering, the third party platform (Baidu & Meituan) ,etc. with offline shopping experience. Wine Library of City has implemented the strategy of global purchasing by cooperating with the top suppliers from all over the world. The culture of customer priority and the successive effort contributing to the industrial chain, product structure, sale system, after-sale service, delivery service, etc. has been widely recognized by the industry.

In 2017, Wine Library of City will continue to promote the opening of new stores. We plan to have up to 40 direct sale stores, and the number of members increase to 2 million. We will launch the franchise business, and estimated number of shop will be 100.

According to the whole sale business, private label brand building and franchise store business, Wine Library of City will launch its global direct sourcing company and B2B company. The global direct sourcing platform is based on direct purchasing mode, and actually it has close cooperation with hundreds of top suppliers regarding hundreds of brands of the first tiers coming from USA, Germany, France and Spain, etc. Wine Library of City, a large-scale e-commerce B2B platform, with its independent research and development, has built up a product of high ratio price quality, high market share, and satisfying all kinds of application of the customers. And through the company’s branch sale office based at different city in Shanxi province, with its successive effort contributing to the constructions of distribution network during the past ten years, it can conduct transaction whenever and wherever possible, deliver orders overnight, and provide supply chain service of good quality at low cost. In 2017, the distribution area will be expended to Henan, Hebei, Tianjin, Inner Mongolia and Ningxia provinces, and the number of customers is expected to be over 500 thousand. The company will achieve successfully on-line and off-line two-way interaction and draw traffic through multiple ways.

After more than two year’s marketing efforts, at Sep 8th, 2016, at the opening ceremony of Shanxi young’s growth enterprise market, Wine Library of City was officially listed with the code 040021Q. The company also signed the strategy cooperation agreement with Jiuxianwang e-commerce co., ltd, and the assessed value of the company is 150 million RMB. The strategy cooperation will be multi-dimensional including capital, technology, and product, and the further collaboration is in consultation. Some Venture investment companies are also in the discussion with Wine Library of City.

In future, Wine Library of City is engaged to become the national leading brand of chain store of wine and liquor. The faster, more economic, more professional chain store and B2B business of Wine Library of City will expended to the entire country.

Business hours: Winter 09:00-21:00 Summer 09:00-21:30  Warm service
Address : 21st floor Wanda Center,No.175 North
               Jiefang Rd,Dist Xinghualing,Taiyuan
               city,Shanxi province,China
Email : [email protected]
Post code : 030009
Fax : 0351-6659144
Service Hotline : 0351-3430000
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